Roatan Dolphin and Snorkeling

6 Hours
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  • English/Spanish
  • Easy
  • Local Lunch Included
  • 1-15


Dive into the heart of Roatan with an all-inclusive tour that combines the serene beauty of the ocean with the island's rich flavors and iconic landmarks. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a curious traveler, this package is tailored to offer an unforgettable experience.

Trip Highlights

  • Dolphin Encounter: Start your journey with an intimate and heartwarming dolphin encounter.
  • Triple Snorkeling Adventure
  • Gourmet Local Lunch
  • Interacting with Roatan's Wildlife
  • Sunbathing on Roatan's beautiful white sand beaches
  • What to Expect

    Warm Welcomes: Begin your experience with our friendly team, passionate about sharing Roatan’s beauty with you.


      • Dolphin Delight: Engage in a heartwarming, intimate encounter with Roatan’s playful dolphins in their natural habitat.


      • Underwater Wonder: Three snorkeling stops will take you through the Caribbean’s marine kaleidoscope, from vibrant coral gardens to the lively dance of tropical fish.


      • Local Flavors: Savor a delicious, authentic Roatan lunch, giving you a taste of the island’s culinary traditions.


      • Aromatic Indulgence: Step into the Roatan Rum & Chocolate Factory to discover, taste, and appreciate the island’s rich, handcrafted flavors.


      • Picturesque Moments: Don’t forget your camera! The iconic “Roatan Sign” provides the perfect backdrop to capture memories of your journey.


      • Knowledgeable Guides: Throughout your adventure, our bilingual local guides will share intriguing stories, fun facts, and the rich history of Roatan.


      • Comfortable Commutes: Travel seamlessly between destinations in our air-conditioned vehicles, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is exciting.


      • Personalized Experience: As a premier tour operator, expect tailored experiences, catering to your preferences and ensuring your day is memorable.


    • Safety First: Whether you’re snorkeling in the ocean depths or engaging with marine life, your safety is our utmost priority.

    What is included in this trek package?

    • Expert guidance from our professional, bilingual local guides
    • Comfortable, air-conditioned round-trip transportation
    • Authentic local lunch to relish the flavors of Roatan
    • Beach amenities such as chairs, umbrellas etc

    What is excluded in this trek package?

    • International flights
    • Travel insurance
    • Nepal entry visa
    • Personal expenses

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    Roatan Dolphin and Snorkeling


    What's included in the "Roatan Dolphin and Snorkeling Package?

    The package offers an intimate dolphin encounter, three unique snorkeling stops, a curated local lunch, a visit to the Roatan Rum & Chocolate Factory, and a photo opportunity at the iconic "Roatan Sign.

    How much do I need to pay upfront to book the package?

    Yes, to guarantee your experience, a 30% fully refundable booking fee is required for reservations. This ensures your spot and provides peace of mind knowing you can refund if plans change.

    Who will be guiding us during the tour?

    All our guides are natives of Roatan, professionally trained, and bilingual in both English and Spanish. Their deep knowledge about the island, paired with their passion, ensures an enriching and authentic experience for our guests.

    Are meals included in this package?

    Yes! A delicious, authentic Roatan lunch is part of the experience to give you a taste of our island's culinary traditions.

    Is transportation provided during the tour?

    Yes, we offer comfortable, air-conditioned round-trip transportation services as part of the package.

    How safe are the snorkeling stops, especially for beginners?

    Your safety is paramount to us. All snorkeling spots are chosen with safety in mind, and our guides ensure beginners receive proper guidance.

    Can I take photos during the dolphin encounter?

    Certainly! However, please note that the facility where the dolphin encounter takes place may charge an additional fee for photography. This fee is determined by the facility and is beyond our control.

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